You Are Fine. You Can Do This!

Check out Shania’s post to see how she got through her first final exam

Fight Against OCD

A few months ago, while walking in to write my first final exam, my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. My anxiety had been so high that week that I found myself constantly out of breath due to the sheer panic that came from thinking about my upcoming exams. The ironic thing though was that the exam I was about to write was for psychology and, guess what, the majority of the exam was on psychological disorders and treatments. Ha! Ha! I found comic relief in that. I mean really, if my anxiety was too bad to write the exam I could always just go up to my prof and say, I can demonstrate a panic attack right now for ya. Want to know what OCD is? Follow me around for a day. Phobias? Check. Health anxiety? Check. Want to see if I know what CBT is or ERP? I’m standing…

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