The Happy Depressed

Check out this exceptional blog post discussing the recent passing of Robin Williams, OCD, and how the feelings of happiness and sadness are not necessarily opposite sides of the same coin.

diary of an ocd


When the news broke that Robin Williams had died, as a result of a suspected suicide, one of the things that struck me was how many people were choosing to focus on the fact that such a funny, outgoing and happy guy – would choose to end his own life. Media looked to the ‘sadness behind the smile’ to try and find answers, overanalysing everything in the quest for clues, trying so hard to pinpoint exactly where the catalysts for this man’s misery could lie. How could someone who seemed so happy be – underneath it all – so unhappy and so alone?

No one knows what happened to Robin Williams. No one. Despite the rabidity of the rumour mill, the over-analysis and the concerned speculation, we will never know what drove him to take the action that he took. Furthermore, we do not have any right to…

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